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Newbie Guide FDng53T
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Newbie Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:35 pm



     Greetings, newcomer! Embark on a grand voyage in our world, distinct from the familiar tales of One Piece. Our universe is crafted by the creativity of our community, governed by rules ensuring fairness and fun. Dive into this guide for easy navigation through our forum's seas. Follow the links to learn the ropes, step by step. Soon, you'll see just how straightforward our way is—sail smoothly with this guide as your compass.

To get an idea of the setting: check the One Piece Live Action, Episode of Alabasta, Episode of Skypiea, and Episode of Merry in order. If you want the fastest way, reading the manga might be fastest. For the complete and whole animated story, check out


     Start by reviewing The General Guide, detailing expected conduct. We recommend joining our Discord Channel; while limited to the Global channel initially, it's perfect for inquiries and introductions.


     Before crafting your character, peruse The Character Guide. Use The Application Template for your character blueprint. Explore the classes, guilds, and faceclaims to shape your character's identity and powers. Define your abilities with care, as starting skills, known as basic training that seems supernatural, set the stage for your character's growth.

     For advanced skills, visit the shop; reference the The Skill Guide. Select skills wisely—they define your character's affinity and future potential.

     If your character's tale is still unfolding, keep it active with weekly updates to prevent archival. Once your narrative is ready, submit it for review in the Character Review section.


     With your character approved, log your voyages and treasures on your Sheet. Customize it, but remember: if it's not recorded, its existence is debatable.

     To find crewmates, use our Discord or the forum's Find Partners. Navigate through voyages within the same board; if you wish to explore new horizons, chart your course with the The Traveling Guide.

     Amass beli and experience through Voyages. Review the The Voyage Guide for eligibility. Post voyages for approval and completion, adhering to the review process for swift transactions.

     Ascend ranks by accruing experience. Consult The Ranking Guide for the odyssey ahead. Enhance your character with Attributes—Strength, Speed, Endurance, Spirit, Willpower, and the vital stamina for skills. Attributes are a measure, not a license for omnipotence.

     Shop for gear and mascots with beli or accumulate points for exclusive purchases, like races, in the Point Shop. Manage your finances with care; for loans or transfers, understand The Banking Guide.

     As a skilled individual, you're entitled to craft four free D-Rank skills. Before drafting, study The Skill Template against The Skill Guide to meet the criteria for ranks and elements.


     Stay active! Participate in the monthly Activity Check to retain your unique assets and claim rewards. The longer your streak, the richer the bounty.

     Enjoy OOC Rolls & Games for IC rewards, but heed the rules to avoid forfeiting your treasure or facing a ban from these diversions.

     Fair winds and following seas on your quest for adventure!
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