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4.b. Banking Guide FDng53T
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4.b. Banking Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:47 pm



• Banks in Seas are available for clients to send and receive money, but not all banks offer the same services. It's important to choose the right bank for your needs.

• Each user is allowed to use the bank once per week. The timestamp of the previous banking request will serve as proof.

• While users have a limit of one bank transaction per week, individual banks may have additional restrictions.


• Users can only transfer beli to others if they have interacted with the recipient's character in a roleplay setting, know their character's name, and have a valid reason for the transaction.

• Users belonging to opposing factions cannot send or receive beli from those associated with disreputable factions, and vice versa.


• Once a user meets the requirements of a specific bank, they can create a topic in that bank's forum titled "Guest's Bank."

• In the topic, the user will use the provided template from that forum to submit a beli transfer request to another user.

• The recipient of the transfer must post a template in their own bank to accept the beli and then proceed to the Review forum, where a moderator will confirm the transaction.

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Reputation :
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