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Fishman Island
Sat Nov 18, 2023 2:45 am



   ⚓ Fishman Island Alliance Event - Rise of the Tides ⚓
   🌊 Fishman Island 🌊

   In the radiant coral cities and amidst the myriad aquatic life, an unbreakable alliance of vigilance has been forged. This alliance isn't limited to the island's formidable warriors alone; it extends its reach to the neighboring sea ghettos and even includes unexpected bedfellows among the pirates of the Grand Line. Recognizing the strategic significance of Fishman Island, both the Marines and various pirate crews have set sail on their separate journeys, each crafting their own unique chapter in the annals of the island's defense.

   The Marines have dispatched dedicated units to patrol the surrounding waters, ensuring that any hostile forces are met with unwavering resolve. Simultaneously, several pirate crews, motivated by their own objectives and a desire to secure a sanctuary beneath the waves, have offered their aid to reinforce the island's defenses.

   🏴☠ Potential Rewards 🏴☠

   - 1x Straw Hat: This treasured artifact grants partial awakening abilities, but be prepared to encounter foes with partial awakenings as well in the future.
   - 3x Hero Water for the Top Crews: A potent elixir that enhances your crew's strength and resolve.
   - 1x Random Devil Fruit Roll after Rank-Up: A chance to obtain a Devil Fruit, which can be used to summon a powerful NPC with the corresponding fruit at your current rank.

   Join this epic event and become a part of the unfolding legend as you protect the submerged paradise of Fishman Island! The fate of this unique realm lies in your hands. Will you rise to the occasion and ensure its continued safety beneath the waves?

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