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1.a. General RP Guide FDng53T
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1.a. General RP Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:36 pm



• Respect is essential. Regardless of your partner's presence, it is your responsibility to treat them with respect. Defamatory, racist, sexual, or any other violations of the code of ethics will be strictly punished.

• Sexual images and roleplaying are strictly prohibited. Violating this rule may result in immediate banning without warning. Depending on the severity of the case, additional sanctions may also be imposed.


• Advertising is only allowed in the designated advertisement section of the forum.

• If the other forum does not have a guest-friendly advertisement section, the advertisement will be removed.

• Reposting or bumping an advertisement is only permitted once a month. Posting the same advertisement within a month is not allowed and will result in the removal of all advertisements from that forum.


• The forum reserves the right to ban users at any time, especially those who violate the rules or have ulterior motives beyond the forum's purpose of enjoyment.

• Bans are often applied to all characters associated with the user. In some cases, a ban may be limited to a single character as sufficient punishment.

• If you receive a warning on Discord, it means your behavior was deemed unacceptable. Refrain from such behavior, as continued offenses may lead to a Discord ban.

• Do not defend or question the actions of staff members when a member is banned from the forum or Discord. Members who have been banned can appeal their cases individually, but further drama is not tolerated.

• Avoid starting drama or engaging in arguments. If an issue arises, take a screenshot and privately message it to the administrators. If the other person has genuinely violated the rules, they will be banned. Attempting to get someone banned without a valid reason may result in your own ban. If both parties contribute to the trouble, both will be banned.

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