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1.c. Character Guide FDng53T
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1.c. Character Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:39 pm



• Usernames must match the name of the character. After approval, staff will change the username to the character's first and last name if need be, or first name only.

• Users may select a face claim to represent their character's appearance. The chosen face claims are posted in the character creation forum. If users miss two consecutive activity checks, they will lose the rights to their chosen face claim.

• The character's name cannot be the same as the face claim's name.

• Users will receive a sanction if they use face claims other than the ones they selected through the shop.

• Users can change their appearance using a Face Doctor.

• GIF avatars are not permitted.

• When a user's character reaches S-rank, they can request an epithet that suits their character.

• Users can choose any of the Starter races for their character through the character application process.

• Multiple characters are allowed, but each character must have a separate account.


• Death only occurs in Danger topics, so users don't have to worry about it unless they willingly enter one.

• When a character passes away, users have the option to "scoop" and transfer half of their experience and stat points to a new character.

• To be eligible for scooping, a dead character must have at least 100,000 experience and must have actually perished in a topic.

• There is a minimum cooldown period of 1 month before a user can scoop again.
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