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Goa Kingdom - Etiquette FDng53T
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Goa Kingdom - Etiquette
Sat Nov 18, 2023 12:37 am

"In the world of letters, secrets hold the power."

Voyage: Etiquette

Rank: B

Type: Government

Client: Lady Isabella - A haughty and elitist noble of the Goa Kingdom, renowned for her obsession with maintaining the intellectual superiority of the nobility and her disdain for the commoners.

Background: Lady Isabella has initiated a government project to enhance the literacy skills of the nobility, believing that it is their duty to uphold knowledge and culture. She seeks the assistance of government agents to provide literacy training to her fellow nobles.

1. Noble Dissidents - A group of rebellious nobles who view the literacy training as an attempt to control their minds and resist the idea of sharing knowledge with commoners.
2. Scheming Rivals - Ambitious nobles who see this as an opportunity to gain favor with Lady Isabella and undermine her rivals.

Objective: Provide literacy training to the nobles of Capital City, promoting knowledge and culture, while avoiding conflicts with the Noble Dissidents and outmaneuvering the Scheming Rivals.


  • Create a topic in Capital City.
  • Identify the nobles in need of literacy training.
  • Conduct literacy classes and workshops to improve their skills.
  • Fend off the opposition and sabotage attempts by the Noble Dissidents.
  • Navigate the political intrigues set by the Scheming Rivals.
  • Ensure that the nobles gain a genuine appreciation for literacy and culture.
  • Report the successful training to Lady Isabella.
  • Receive Lady Isabella's beli reward.

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