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Government Voyages

    D-rank Voyages
    Government Voyages Y3hh6E7
    These tasks have been undertaken by countless individuals, serving as the gateway to the world of fame and fortune. As newcomers who have yet to garner recognition for their skills, these beginners eagerly seize these opportunities to build their reputation and open doors to more rewarding voyages. These missions are renowned for their simplicity and trivial nature, making them the ideal starting point for any ambitious soul seeking to unravel the intricacies of the adventurous world and gain firsthand experience.

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    C-rank Voyages
    Government Voyages Y3hh6E7
    Embark on daring voyages that beckon seasoned adventurers and seekers of fame. This sub-forum presents challenges that surpass the ordinary risks familiar to novices. Though not void of peril, those well-versed in the ways of the seas will find these quests surmountable. Delve into thrilling escapades where experience becomes the key to success, and the reward matches the level of audacity required.

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    B-rank Voyages
    Government Voyages Y3hh6E7
    Venture here where noble voyages await, offering you the chance to aid the benevolent and courageous denizens of the vast seas. In doing so, your reputation will soar, endearing you to many. Engage in tasks that require you to put yourself on the line, resolving crimes, rescuing innocent lives, and apprehending nefarious wrongdoers. To triumph in these extraordinary undertakings, possessing above-average mastery of your skills is advised.

    Goa Kingdom - Ba...Sat Nov 18, 2023 12:39 am
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    A-rank Voyages
    Government Voyages Y3hh6E7
    Engage in tasks that demand the protection of innocent citizens, the acquisition of vital intelligence, and the capture of formidable adversaries, often with little or no external support. To thwart the nefarious villains encountered, a mastery of your skills at an elevated level is highly recommended.

    Goa Kingdom - At...Sat Nov 18, 2023 12:40 am
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    S-rank Voyages
    Step into the realm of the most esteemed voyages, reserved exclusively for exceptional candidates who possess the prowess to achieve heroic feats in these daring missions. Completion of these prestigious quests bestows unparalleled fame, elevating the reputation of those who undertake them to even greater heights. Beware, for these perilous voyages entail facing dangerous challenges, demanding a willingness to put oneself at risk for the greater good of others.

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