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Goa Kingdom - Noble Statue Cleaning FDng53T
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Goa Kingdom - Noble Statue Cleaning
Sat Nov 18, 2023 12:35 am


"In the shadows of opulence, the forgotten statues bear silent witness."

Voyage: Noble Statue Cleaning

Rank: C

Type: Government

Client: Lord Reginald - An arrogant and condescending noble of the Goa Kingdom, known for his obsession with maintaining the appearance of the city and his disdain for the common folk.

Background: Lord Reginald has ordered a government operation to clean and restore the statues of Capital City, believing that they have been tarnished by the commoners and must be preserved in their pristine state. He seeks the assistance of government agents to carry out this task.

1. Statue Vandals - A group of disgruntled commoners who see the cleaning as an attempt to erase their presence in the city.
2. Preservationists - A faction within the government who believe that the statues should remain as they are, reflecting the city's history.

Objective: Clean and restore the statues of Capital City, while avoiding confrontations with the Statue Vandals and the Preservationists.

  • Create a topic in Capital City.
  • Identify the statues in need of cleaning.
  • Clean and restore the statues to their pristine condition.
  • Avoid clashes with the agitated Statue Vandals.
  • Defend against the criticisms and interference of the Preservationists.
  • Complete the cleaning operation without damaging any statues.
  • Report the successful cleaning to Lord Reginald.
  • Receive Lord Reginald's beli reward.

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