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Loguetown - Clash of the Corsairs FDng53T
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Loguetown - Clash of the Corsairs
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:54 pm


"In the world of pirates, it's not just about ships; it's about who sails them."

Voyage: Clash of the Corsairs

Rank: B-rank

Type: Government

Client: Commander Isabella "Ironheart" Steele - A stern and determined government commander known for her unwavering dedication to maintaining order and eliminating pirate threats in the Grand Line.

Background: The Port in Loguetown has always been a hub for pirates preparing to set sail into the Grand Line. It's a place where crews size each other up, and rivalries often form. Commander Isabella "Ironheart" Steele has issued a challenge to all government marine units stationed in the area. She's organizing a ship competition, a race that will test the speed, agility, and skill of the participants. The winner of this competition will not only gain recognition but also receive a valuable intelligence report on pirate activities in the region.

Enemies: Rival Government Marine Units - Various marine units from the Grand Line have accepted Commander Steele's challenge, each with their own strengths, strategies, and motivations. Some may be more competitive than others, depending on their history with your unit.

Objective: Solo or government marine unit must participate in Commander Steele's ship competition, Clash of the Corsairs. The objective is to race against rival marine units through treacherous waters and reach the finish line first to claim the valuable intelligence report.

  • Create a topic at The Port in Loguetown, where Commander Isabella "Ironheart" Steele announces the ship competition.
  • Prepare your marine unit and ship for the challenging race ahead.
  • Compete against rival marine units in a thrilling race through dangerous waters.
  • Navigate through obstacles, evade hazards, and outmaneuver your competitors.
  • Reach the finish line ahead of the other marine units to claim the valuable intelligence report.
  • Deal with rival marine units and their tactics during the competition.
  • Return to The Port and receive recognition from Commander Steele.
  • Receive the client's beli reward and the valuable intelligence report.

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