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Loguetown - Uncharted Waters FDng53T
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Loguetown - Uncharted Waters
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:51 pm


"The Port is not just a harbor; it's a crossroads of destinies and the birthplace of countless adventures."

Voyage: Uncharted Waters

Requirement: Completed prior voyage, "Shipwright's Scrutiny"

Rank: B-rank

Type: Government

Client: Commander Livia - A no-nonsense, highly competent Government official known for her dedication to order and security. Livia oversees maritime affairs in Loguetown and is committed to maintaining stability in the region.

Background: With the successful completion of Shipwright's Scrutiny, Shipwright Marcus has recommended the Government agents for their exceptional work in ship inspections. However, a new challenge has emerged. Reports of increased pirate activities in the waters surrounding Loguetown have reached Commander Livia. She believes that there might be an uncharted island serving as a base for these pirates, hidden somewhere in the nearby sea. To maintain control, she needs agents to locate and investigate this potential pirate stronghold.

Enemies: Pirate Crew "Stormtide Raiders" - Led by Captain Rorik "Stormtide" Flint, this pirate crew has been terrorizing merchant ships and evading capture. They've established a secret base on an uncharted island, where they plan their raids and lay low between operations.

Objective: Solo or crew Government agents must embark on a voyage to locate and investigate the uncharted island suspected to be the pirate base of the "Stormtide Raiders." The objective is to gather intelligence, assess the threat, and report back to Commander Livia.


  • Create a topic at The Port in Loguetown, where Commander Livia briefs you on the mission.
  • Receive information from Commander Livia about the suspected location of the uncharted island.
  • Embark on a voyage into uncharted waters, facing unknown challenges and dangers.
  • Locate the uncharted island and gather intelligence on the pirate crew and their activities.
  • Interact with the "Stormtide Raiders" and assess the threat level.
  • Report your findings and confront Captain Rorik "Stormtide" Flint if necessary.
  • Return to The Port and report back to Commander Livia.
  • Receive the client's beli reward and the gratitude of Loguetown for maintaining its safety.

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