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Loguetown - Shipwright's Scrutiny FDng53T
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Loguetown - Shipwright's Scrutiny
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:50 pm


"The vessels at The Port hold more than cargo; they carry the stories and secrets of the sea."

Voyage: Shipwright's Scrutiny

Rank: B-rank

Type: Government

Client: Shipwright Marcus - A meticulous shipwright known for his attention to detail, Marcus is often hired by the World Government to inspect and certify ships in Loguetown. While he's an expert in his craft, his obsession with perfection has earned him a reputation for being difficult to please.

Background: The Port in Loguetown is a vital hub for pirates preparing for their Grand Line journeys. To maintain order and safety, the World Government has enlisted the services of Shipwright Marcus to ensure that ships are seaworthy and comply with regulations. Marcus has requested Government agents to assist him in inspecting several ships in The Port, a task he believes cannot be handled without his expertise.

Enemies: None

Objective: Solo or crew Government agents must assist Shipwright Marcus in inspecting and certifying a number of ships at The Port in Loguetown. They must ensure that each vessel is seaworthy and complies with all safety and legal regulations.


  • Create a topic at The Port in Loguetown, where Shipwright Marcus awaits your assistance.
  • Receive a list of ships to inspect from Marcus, each with its unique challenges and issues.
  • Examine and assess each ship, making necessary repairs or recommendations.
  • Interact with ship owners and crew, some of whom may not be pleased with the inspections.
  • Ensure that each ship is certified as seaworthy and compliant with regulations.
  • Report your findings and certifications back to Shipwright Marcus.
  • Receive the client's beli reward and the satisfaction of maintaining maritime safety.

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