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Loguetown - Whispers of the Past FDng53T
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Loguetown - Whispers of the Past
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:49 pm


"The mysterious message unveiled a new chapter, leading you deeper into the secrets of Loguetown."

Voyage: Whispers of the Past

Requirement: Secrets of the Sea (completed prior)

Rank: C-rank

Type: Government

Client: Mysterious Stranger - The enigmatic hooded figure from your previous mission, who now seeks your aid once more.

Background: Following your successful retrieval of the mysterious message, the Mysterious Stranger has returned, revealing a new enigma to unravel. The message you retrieved contains cryptic clues leading to an undisclosed location in Loguetown. The Stranger needs your assistance once again to decipher these hints and uncover what lies beneath.

Enemies: None

Objective: Solo or crew Government agents must decode the cryptic clues from the message and follow their lead to the hidden location within Loguetown. Once there, they must investigate what lies beneath the surface.


  • Create a topic in Loguetown's Market, where the Mysterious Stranger awaits your return.
  • Present the message to the Stranger, who will reveal cryptic clues.
  • Work together to decipher the hints, revealing a hidden location within Loguetown.
  • Travel to the hidden location, facing challenges and uncovering secrets.
  • Investigate what lies beneath the surface, guided by the clues from the message.
  • Report your findings back to the Mysterious Stranger.
  • Receive the client's beli reward and the satisfaction of unraveling another mystery.
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