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Loguetown - Secrets of the Sea FDng53T
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Loguetown - Secrets of the Sea
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:47 pm


"Amidst the bustling commerce of Loguetown's Market, a hidden message awaits discovery."

Voyage: Secrets of the Sea

Rank: C-rank

Type: Government

Client: Mysterious Stranger - A hooded figure known for their enigmatic presence, seeking assistance in a discreet matter.

Background: Loguetown's Market, the bustling hub for pirates about to embark on their Grand Line journey, conceals secrets within its vibrant chaos. A mysterious message in a bottle has surfaced, containing information of potential importance. The enigmatic Mysterious Stranger is looking for capable individuals to retrieve it discreetly.

Enemies: None

Objective: Solo or crew Government agents must discreetly retrieve the message in a bottle from Loguetown's Market without attracting unnecessary attention. Deliver it to the Mysterious Stranger, and do not open the message under any circumstances.


  • Create a topic in Loguetown's Market, capturing the lively market atmosphere.
  • Receive a discreet briefing from the Mysterious Stranger in a secluded corner of the market.
  • Locate the message in a bottle, hidden amidst the wares and stalls.
  • Exercise caution to avoid drawing attention while retrieving the message.
  • Deliver the sealed message to the Mysterious Stranger without breaking the seal.
  • Refrain from opening or reading the message, as per the client's instructions.
  • Receive the client's beli reward for your discreet assistance.
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