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Loguetown - Lurkings FDng53T
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Loguetown - Lurkings
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:45 pm


"In the heart of Loguetown's Market, shadows lurk in the corners, waiting for their moment."

Voyage: Lurkings

Requirement: Completed prior voyage "Black Market Brawl"

Rank: C-rank

Type: Government

Client: Investigator Cassandra Darkwater

Background: Following the dismantling of the black market, Investigator Cassandra Darkwater has uncovered information suggesting a higher-level organization is involved in Loguetown's illicit activities. She aims to expose and bring down this shadowy organization.

Enemies: Members of the shadowy organization:
1. Donovan "Silvershadow" Crane - The enigmatic leader known for his silver hair and cunning tactics.
2. Marcellus "Ironclad" Stone - A formidable enforcer with a reputation for being nearly invulnerable.

Objective: Infiltrate the hidden base of the shadowy organization within Loguetown's Market, gather evidence of their illegal activities, and confront Donovan "Silvershadow" Crane and Marcellus "Ironclad" Stone. Report your findings to Investigator Cassandra Darkwater.


  • Create a topic in Loguetown's Market, portraying the continued hustle and bustle of the market.
  • Uncover the location of the hidden base through discreet inquiries and investigation.
  • Infiltrate the base and gather evidence of the organization's illegal dealings.
  • Locate Donovan "Silvershadow" Crane and Marcellus "Ironclad" Stone within the base.
  • Prepare for a high-stakes confrontation, as these individuals are dangerous foes.
  • Confront Donovan "Silvershadow" Crane and Marcellus "Ironclad" Stone to uncover their plans.
  • Report your findings to Investigator Cassandra Darkwater, ensuring the dismantling of the shadowy organization.
  • Receive recognition and a modest reward from the government for your successful mission.
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