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Drum Island - Watchful Guardians FDng53T
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Drum Island - Watchful Guardians
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:38 pm


"In the heart of Bighorn, the guardians of the night await their training."

Voyage: Watchful Guardians

Rank: A-rank

Type: Government

Client: Lord Cornelius Thornfield, a wealthy and influential aristocrat known for his ruthless nature. He seeks to enhance his security and protect his extensive wealth with specially bred guard pets.

Background: Lord Thornfield has heard of a unique breed of guard pets rumored to be raised in the region around Bighorn. These creatures are known for their exceptional loyalty and protective instincts. He wishes to acquire a pair of these guard pets for his estate's security.

Enemies: The breeders of the guard pets are protective of their secret breeding grounds and may become hostile if intruders are discovered:
1. Magnus Ironpaw - A grizzled and burly breeder with a deep attachment to his guard pets.
2. Elara Shadowclaw - Magnus's daughter, known for her strong connection to the animals and her skill in handling them.

Objective: Travel to the region around Bighorn, locate the breeding grounds of the guard pets, and negotiate with the breeders to acquire a pair of these loyal creatures for Lord Thornfield.


  • Create a topic in the outskirts of Bighorn, showcasing the picturesque landscape of the region.
  • Search for clues or information about the location of the guard pet breeders.
  • Locate the breeding grounds and approach Magnus Ironpaw and Elara Shadowclaw.
  • Negotiate with them to acquire a pair of guard pets, proving your capability to care for them.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself if negotiations turn hostile.
  • Return to Lord Thornfield with the acquired guard pets.
  • Receive recognition and a substantial reward from Lord Thornfield for your successful mission.
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