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Drum Island - The Cursed Manor FDng53T
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Drum Island - The Cursed Manor
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:36 pm


"In the heart of Bighorn, the haunted secrets await their reckoning."

Voyage: The Cursed Manor

Rank: B-rank

Type: Government

Client: Investigator Isadora Blackthorn, a renowned government investigator known for her expertise in unraveling mysteries. She is a no-nonsense individual with a sharp mind and unwavering determination.

Background: Reports of supernatural occurrences have plagued one of Bighorn's historic houses, known as the Cursed Manor. Investigator Isadora Blackthorn has been assigned to uncover the truth behind the disturbances. She suspects that there may be a hidden agenda behind the haunting and requires a skilled team to assist her.

Enemies: Suspected culprits behind the haunting:
1. Cedric Nightshade - A charming and deceptive conman who specializes in swindling wealthy individuals.
2. Morgana Moonshadow - Cedric's partner, skilled in illusion and manipulation.

Objective: Investigate the Cursed Manor in Bighorn, determine the source of the supernatural occurrences, and apprehend those responsible for the eerie activities. Report your findings to Investigator Isadora Blackthorn.


  • Create a topic in Bighorn, setting the eerie ambiance of the Cursed Manor.
  • Explore the Cursed Manor, paying attention to any unusual occurrences or clues.
  • Look for evidence that the haunting may be staged or manipulated.
  • Confront Cedric Nightshade and Morgana Moonshadow to unravel their involvement in the haunting.
  • Be cautious as they may employ supernatural tricks to deter you.
  • Apprehend the culprits and put an end to the haunting.
  • Report back to Investigator Isadora Blackthorn with your findings and successful resolution of the situation.
  • Receive recognition and a substantial reward from the government for your successful mission.
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