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Drum Island - Sheltered Secrets FDng53T
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Drum Island - Sheltered Secrets
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:26 pm


"In the heart of Bighorn, secrets of shelter unfold."

Voyage: Sheltered Secrets

Rank: C-rank

Type: Government

Client: Noble Percival, the shrewd and politically astute noble of Bighorn. He's known for his cunning nature and willingness to protect the town's interests at all costs.

Background: Noble Percival has received reports of mysterious activities occurring in some of the town's distinctive cylindrical shelters. He suspects that there might be hidden secrets or illegal operations taking place within these unique structures. He requires a team of government operatives to investigate and uncover the truth.

Enemies: None at the moment, but be prepared for unexpected discoveries.

Objective: Journey to the picturesque town of Bighorn, investigate the cylindrical shelters, and uncover any hidden secrets or illegal activities. Report your findings to Noble Percival.


  • Create a topic in Bighorn, showcasing the charming architectural landscape.
  • Investigate the cylindrical shelters one by one, looking for any signs of unusual activities or hidden compartments.
  • Document your findings and any evidence you discover.
  • Be discreet in your investigations to avoid arousing suspicion among the townsfolk.
  • Report back to Noble Percival with your discoveries and evidence.
  • Receive recognition and compensation from the government for your successful mission.
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