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Alabasta - High Stakes Intrigue FDng53T
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Alabasta - High Stakes Intrigue
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:29 pm


"When the chips are down, who will hold the winning hand?"

Voyage: High Stakes Intrigue

Rank: A

Type: Government

Client: Lady Kaisa de Valencourt - A mysterious and enigmatic figure known for her love of high-stakes gambling and luxury.

Background: Rainbase emerges as a thriving metropolis, steeped in opulence and extravagance, where the glittering lights of casinos and the aroma of fine dining establishments pervade the bustling streets. Lady Kaisa de Valencourt, a prominent and influential figure in the world of high-stakes gambling, has approached the government with concerns about a rival faction that threatens the delicate balance of power in the city's underground gambling scene. This faction, known as "The Shadow Rollers," is notorious for their ruthless tactics and desire to control Rainbase's lucrative gambling enterprises.

1. The Shadow Rollers - A formidable and secretive group of gamblers with a thirst for power and control over Rainbase's gambling establishments.

Objective: Infiltrate the world of high-stakes gambling in Rainbase, gain the trust of Lady Kaisa de Valencourt, and identify the key members of The Shadow Rollers. You must gather enough evidence of their activities to dismantle their organization and restore order to Rainbase's gambling scene.

  • Arrive in Rainbase, known as the gambling capital, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant gambling culture.
  • Seek out Lady Kaisa de Valencourt, a well-known patron of the gambling establishments, and win her trust.
  • Navigate the treacherous world of high-stakes gambling, including visits to the renowned Golden Slots, Loose Slots, Royale, Fantasia, and Coin Bandits.
  • Identify members of The Shadow Rollers and gather evidence of their illicit activities, all while keeping your true purpose hidden.
  • Confront and neutralize The Shadow Rollers, ensuring they can no longer threaten Rainbase's gambling scene.
  • Report your findings and actions to Lady Kaisa de Valencourt, securing her gratitude and trust.
  • Receive the client's substantial beli reward upon successfully completing the mission.

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