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Alabasta - Infiltrating the Elite Guard FDng53T
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"In the shadows, secrets are woven into the tapestry of power."

Voyage: Infiltrating the Elite Guard

Rank: A

Type: Government

Client: Commander Lucius Malverius - A stern and disciplined government officer with a reputation for rigorous training.

Background: Alubarna, the illustrious capital city of Alabasta, stands as a symbol of culture and heritage. Following the successful completion of the Desert Guard Trials, Commander Lucius Malverius suspects that there may be a hidden threat within the ranks of the elite desert guards. There have been whispers of disloyalty and espionage, and he believes that a group may be plotting to undermine the kingdom from within.

1. Elite Desert Guards - Highly skilled and loyal guards who protect the royal family and the palace.
2. The Crimson Shadows - A secret organization within the desert guards, plotting to overthrow the Alabasta kingdom.

Objective: Infiltrate the ranks of the Elite Desert Guards, gain the trust of Commander Lucius Malverius, and uncover the true identities and plans of The Crimson Shadows.

  • Having successfully completed the Desert Guard Trials, you have earned a place among the elite desert guards.
  • Mingle with your fellow guards, gaining their trust and respect.
  • Investigate suspicious activities and behaviors among the guards, looking for any signs of disloyalty.
  • Identify the key members of The Crimson Shadows, the secret organization plotting against the kingdom.
  • Gather evidence of their plans and intentions without raising suspicion.
  • Confront and subdue The Crimson Shadows when the time is right, ensuring that they can no longer threaten Alabasta's security.
  • Report your findings and actions to Commander Lucius Malverius, earning his trust and gratitude.
  • Receive the client's substantial beli reward upon successfully completing the mission.

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