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Alabasta - Shifting Sands of Alabarna FDng53T
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Alabasta - Shifting Sands of Alabarna
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:22 pm


"In the heart of Alabasta, the sands hold secrets and chaos."

Voyage: Shifting Sands of Alabarna

Rank: C

Type: Government

Client: Lady Valeria Solstice - A cunning and ambitious government agent with a hidden agenda.

Background: Alabasta's capital city, Alubarna, has been experiencing unusual seismic activity, causing sandquakes that threaten the city's stability. Lady Valeria Solstice, a high-ranking government operative, believes that the sandquakes are not natural but rather the result of a hidden conspiracy. She seeks agents to investigate the cause and quell the disturbances before they escalate into a disaster.

1. Sandquake Saboteurs - A group of individuals with unknown motives, rumored to be responsible for triggering the sandquakes.
2. Alabasta Royal Guards - The elite security force of Alabasta, tasked with protecting the city and its royal family.

Objective: Infiltrate Alabarna, uncover the source of the sandquakes, and neutralize any threats or saboteurs responsible for the disturbances.

  • Travel to Alubarna, the capital city of Alabasta, posing as government agents assigned to investigate the sandquakes.
  • Gather information from local residents and witnesses regarding the recent sandquakes.
  • Identify suspicious activity or individuals linked to the sandquakes.
  • Infiltrate the Sandquake Saboteurs' hideout and gather evidence of their involvement.
  • Neutralize any threats and prevent further sandquakes from occurring.
  • Evade or subdue the Alabasta Royal Guards, who may be involved in the conspiracy.
  • Report your findings to Lady Valeria Solstice and ensure the safety and stability of Alubarna.
  • Maintain secrecy about the true nature of the mission to protect Alabasta's reputation.
  • Receive the client's beli reward upon successfully completing the mission.

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