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Alabasta - Sands of Ambition FDng53T
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Alabasta - Sands of Ambition
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:18 pm


"In the shifting sands of ambition, destinies are carved."

Voyage: The Sands of Ambition

Rank: D

Type: Government

Client: Voss Rutherford - A cunning and power-hungry noble official known for his ambition to expand his influence.

Background: Noble Voss Rutherford, a figure with grand aspirations, has set his sights on cementing his authority within the Alabasta region. His scheme involves a unique form of propaganda and control: using the art of sand sculpting to shape public opinion and maintain a firm grip on the city of Alubarna.

1. Sand Sculptor Silas - A talented artist known for his intricate sand sculptures. He has been coerced into working for Noble Rutherford.
2. Rebel Artisans - A group of passionate sculptors who resist the propaganda and seek to create their own messages through sand art.

Objective: Infiltrate Alubarna and disrupt Noble Rutherford's plan by assisting the rebel artisans in creating sand sculptures that convey a message of hope and resistance.

  • Travel to Alubarna, the capital city of Alabasta, under the guise of an ordinary traveler.
  • Locate the rebel artisans secretly operating within the city.
  • Collaborate with them to create powerful sand sculptures that challenge Rutherford's propaganda.
  • Evade the royalty's watchful eyes while engaging in subversive artistic activities.
  • Contribute to the creation of sand art that inspires hope and resistance among the citizens.
  • Ensure the sculptures are displayed in prominent locations within the city.
  • Spread the message of the rebel artisans and encourage the people of Alubarna to question the royalty's narrative.
  • Avoid detection by authorities and maintain a low profile throughout the mission.
  • Receive the client's beli reward for successfully disrupting Rutherford's plans.

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