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Water 7 - Secrets of the Waterway Supply FDng53T
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"In the heart of mystery, the Waterway Maze holds the key to essential supplies."

Voyage: Secrets of the Waterway Supply

Rank: B

Type: Government

Client: Captain Voss - A shrewd and resourceful individual who operates independently of the Government and pirate factions. Captain Voss is known for their cunning and willingness to obtain vital ship supplies through any means necessary, even if it means navigating the treacherous Waterway Maze.

Background: The Waterway Maze, a complex network of canals and pathways in Water 7, conceals more than just mysteries. It also hides valuable and essential ship supplies that are difficult to procure through legal means. Captain Voss has a reputation for acquiring these supplies discreetly, but this time, the Waterway Maze holds secrets that may pose a challenge even to them.

Enemies: None

Objective: Accompany Captain Voss into the Waterway Maze, where they seek to obtain critical ship supplies hidden within its labyrinthine pathways. Your objective is to ensure Captain Voss's safety, help locate and secure the supplies, and navigate the maze's challenges.


  • Create a topic within the Waterway Maze, the intricate network of canals in Water 7.
  • Meet with Captain Voss at a designated rendezvous point within the maze.
  • Accompany Captain Voss as you both explore the maze, searching for hidden caches of ship supplies.
  • Navigate the maze's challenges, including changing tides, dead ends, and hidden passages.
  • Locate and secure the valuable ship supplies, ensuring they are safely transported out of the maze.
  • Engage in conversation with Captain Voss, discussing the importance of these supplies and their origins.
  • Ensure Captain Voss's safety throughout the mission, especially in case of unexpected encounters.
  • Conclude the mission by safely exiting the maze with the acquired ship supplies.
  • Receive the client's beli reward as compensation for successfully obtaining the essential supplies from the Waterway Maze.

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