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Water 7 - Secrets of the Waterway Maze FDng53T
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"In the heart of mystery, the Waterway Maze unfolds its secrets."

Voyage: Secrets of the Waterway Maze

Rank: B

Type: Government

Client: Lady Elara - A charismatic and enigmatic figure known for her love of adventure and exploration. Lady Elara is not affiliated with the Government or any pirate crew. She possesses a mysterious air and a fascination with the hidden secrets of the Waterway Maze.

Background: The Waterway Maze, a complex network of canals and pathways in Water 7, shrouds the city in mystery. Its intricate layout and ever-changing tides make it a challenge for newcomers to navigate. However, those who master its turns and tides discover the city's hidden gems and secrets. Lady Elara has a deep interest in uncovering the mysteries concealed within the maze.

Enemies: None

Objective: Accompany Lady Elara on a guided tour through the Waterway Maze, helping her uncover its hidden secrets and unravel its mysteries. Your objective is to ensure her safety, provide insights into the history and lore of the maze, and make the tour a memorable experience.


  • Create a topic within the Waterway Maze, the intricate network of canals in Water 7.
  • Meet with Lady Elara at a designated meeting point within the maze.
  • Guide Lady Elara through the maze, showcasing its unique features and sharing stories about its history and secrets.
  • Navigate the maze's challenges, including changing tides and unexpected twists and turns.
  • Encounter hidden treasures and landmarks within the maze, adding to the intrigue of the tour.
  • Engage in conversation with Lady Elara, discussing the mysteries and legends associated with the Waterway Maze.
  • Ensure Lady Elara's safety and enjoyment throughout the tour.
  • Conclude the tour by returning to the starting point, where Lady Elara will express her gratitude.
  • Receive the client's beli reward as a token of appreciation for providing an unforgettable tour of the Waterway Maze.

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