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Water 7 - Waterway Guardian FDng53T
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Water 7 - Waterway Guardian
Fri Nov 17, 2023 7:56 pm


"In the labyrinth of canals, secrets and security intertwine."

Voyage: Waterway Guardian

Rank: B

Type: Government

Client: Overseer Murdock - A shrewd and enigmatic figure who oversees the security of the Waterway Maze's bustling market. Murdock is known for his cunning and ability to navigate the intricate canals of Water 7 with ease. He operates in the shadows, always one step ahead of potential threats.

Background: The Waterway Maze, a complex network of canals and pathways, adds an air of mystery to Water 7. Navigating through its winding waterways requires local knowledge, making it a challenge for newcomers. However, those who master its turns and tides discover the city's hidden gems and secrets. The market within the Waterway Maze is a hub of activity, attracting merchants and shoppers alike, but it's also a hotspot for illicit activities.

Enemies: The Shadow Syndicate - A secretive criminal organization that operates within the Waterway Maze. Led by the enigmatic figure here known as "Shadowblade," this syndicate specializes in smuggling, theft, and extortion. Its members are skilled in evading capture and thrive in the labyrinthine canals.

Objective: Ensure the security of the Waterway Maze's market by thwarting the activities of the Shadow Syndicate. Your objective is to identify and neutralize any threats to the market's integrity, protect the merchants and their goods, and maintain order within the maze.


  • Create a topic within the Waterway Maze, the labyrinthine network of canals in Water 7.
  • Meet with Overseer Murdock, who will brief you on the current security situation in the market.
  • Investigate suspicious activities and individuals within the maze, gathering intelligence on the Shadow Syndicate's operations.
  • Engage in covert operations to disrupt the syndicate's smuggling and extortion activities.
  • Coordinate with fellow agents and law enforcement to maintain a visible presence in the market, deterring criminal activities.
  • Confront and apprehend members of the Shadow Syndicate, bringing them to justice.
  • Report your findings and successes to Overseer Murdock for evaluation.
  • Receive the beli reward from Overseer Murdock as a token of appreciation for your efforts in safeguarding the Waterway Maze's market.

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