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Water 7 - Dockside Delivery FDng53T
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Water 7 - Dockside Delivery
Fri Nov 17, 2023 7:51 pm


"In the heart of shipbuilding excellence, a crucial delivery awaits."

Voyage: The Dockside Delivery

Rank: D

Type: Government

Client: Foreman Hagan Brimstone - An imposing and gruff foreman known for his no-nonsense approach to shipbuilding. Foreman Brimstone is not known for his friendliness but is highly respected for his dedication to the craft.

Background: Dock 1, nestled in the heart of Water 7, stands as the primary shipbuilding area renowned for its shipwright expertise. It's a bustling hub where ships of all sizes and designs are constructed by skilled craftsmen. In the midst of the shipbuilding frenzy, a critical delivery of materials and parts is required to keep the shipyard's operations running smoothly.

Enemies: Dockside Saboteurs - A group of troublemakers who aim to disrupt the vital delivery and create chaos at Dock 1. They are known for their cunning tactics and determination to cause trouble.

Objective: Lead a team of government couriers in delivering essential materials and ship parts to Dock 1, ensuring that the shipyard's operations continue unhindered. Counteract the efforts of the Dockside Saboteurs and ensure the safe and timely delivery.


  • Create a topic at Dock 1, the heart of shipbuilding excellence in Water 7.
  • Meet with Foreman Brimstone, who will provide you with details of the crucial delivery, including the materials and ship parts required.
  • Organize a team of government couriers to assist in the delivery, ensuring that the materials and parts are loaded onto the designated transport vessel.
  • Navigate the bustling shipyard and crowded docks, overcoming logistical challenges to reach the delivery destination.
  • Remain vigilant for the Dockside Saboteurs, who may attempt to disrupt the delivery, steal materials, or create chaos.
  • Thwart the efforts of the Dockside Saboteurs and ensure the safe and timely delivery of the materials and ship parts.
  • Report back to Foreman Brimstone, providing a detailed account of the successful delivery mission.
  • Receive the beli reward from Foreman Brimstone as a token of appreciation for your dedication to keeping Dock 1's shipbuilding operations running smoothly.

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