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Sabaody Archipelago - Aqua Laguna Recovery FDng53T
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"Amidst the turmoil of Aqua Laguna, a vital repair mission awaits."

Voyage: Aqua Laguna Recovery

Rank: D

Type: Government

Client: Supervisor Harland Driftwood - An experienced government official known for his meticulous approach to disaster management. Supervisor Driftwood is stern but deeply committed to safeguarding Water 7's infrastructure.

Background: The Blue Station in Water 7 serves as a crucial stop for the Sea Train and experiences a surge of activity during the impending Aqua Laguna. As the citizens prepare to evacuate their homes and leave for other islands, it becomes evident that the station's waterway system needs urgent repairs to ensure a smooth departure and return after the storm.

Enemies: Sabotage Syndicate - A group of troublemakers who aim to exploit the chaos of Aqua Laguna for their gain. They sabotage repair efforts, steal supplies, and create disturbances, making them a significant obstacle.

Objective: Lead a team of government workers in repairing the waterway system at the Blue Station, ensuring that it is functional and secure for the upcoming Aqua Laguna. Counteract the efforts of the Sabotage Syndicate and maintain order.


  • Create a topic at the Blue Station, a bustling hub of activity as Aqua Laguna approaches.
  • Meet with Supervisor Driftwood, who will provide you with repair plans, equipment, and a team of government workers.
  • Organize and oversee the repair efforts, assigning tasks to the team and ensuring that the waterway is restored to working condition.
  • Remain vigilant for the Sabotage Syndicate, who may attempt to disrupt the repairs, steal supplies, or cause disturbances.
  • Thwart the efforts of the Sabotage Syndicate and maintain order to ensure the successful completion of the waterway repairs.
  • Complete the repairs, ensuring that the Blue Station's waterway is functional and secure.
  • Report back to Supervisor Driftwood, providing a detailed account of the successful repair mission.
  • Receive the beli reward from Supervisor Driftwood as a token of appreciation for your dedication to safeguarding Water 7's infrastructure.

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