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Water 7 - Bull Whisperer's Challenge FDng53T
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Water 7 - Bull Whisperer's Challenge
Fri Nov 17, 2023 7:44 pm


"In the heart of shipbuilders, a new kind of connection takes root."

Voyage: Bull Whisperer's Challenge

Rank: D

Type: Government

Client: Mr. Barnabas Husher - An eccentric shipwright and animal enthusiast who has developed a unique talent for communicating with the notoriously stubborn and temperamental bulls that assist in ship transportation at Galley-La Headquarters.

Background: Mr. Husher has embarked on a mission to strengthen the bond between shipwrights and their bovine companions, believing that improved communication will lead to more efficient shipbuilding. He seeks the assistance of government agents to help him in this peculiar endeavor.

Enemies: Envious Rival - A fellow shipwright at Galley-La Headquarters who sees Mr. Husher's bull whispering skills as a threat to their own reputation and is determined to sabotage his efforts.

Objective: Work alongside Mr. Husher to learn the art of bull whispering and assist in resolving a conflict between a particularly ornery bull and its frustrated handler, all while dealing with the envious rival's interference.

  • Create a topic at Galley-La Headquarters, where the shipwrights and their bull partners are hard at work.
  • Meet Mr. Husher, who will introduce you to the world of bull whispering and explain its importance.
  • Observe the bull in distress and its frustrated handler, who are struggling to work together effectively.
  • Learn the basics of bull whispering and attempt to communicate with the bull to understand its grievances.
  • Uncover the rival shipwright's attempts to undermine your efforts and counteract their actions discreetly.
  • Work with Mr. Husher to mediate between the bull and its handler, using your newfound bull whispering skills.
  • Overcome the challenges posed by the envious rival and successfully establish a harmonious relationship between the bull and its handler.
  • Receive a commendation from Mr. Husher and a reward from the government for your role in improving the shipbuilding process.

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