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Sabaody Archipelago - Cartographic Pursuit FDng53T
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"In the heart of a bustling paradise, the key to hidden treasures awaits."

Voyage: Cartographic Pursuit

Rank: A

Type: Government

- Elusive Cartographer Moros: A secretive and cunning cartographer known for his ability to create maps that lead to hidden treasures and mysteries. Moros is motivated solely by his own greed and desires, often leaving chaos in his wake.
- The Pursuers of Secrets: A group of individuals who relentlessly pursue Moros and his elusive maps, hoping to uncover the secrets and riches they promise.

Background: The Tourist Area of the archipelago is a thriving hub for travelers and shoppers. However, beneath the surface, it conceals the allure of hidden treasures and mysteries. Elusive Cartographer Moros is infamous for creating maps that lead to these secrets, while The Pursuers of Secrets are determined to capture him and claim the riches for themselves.

- Ravenous Bounty Hunter Typhoon: A relentless and ruthless bounty hunter hired by The Pursuers of Secrets to capture Moros and seize his maps.
- Cryptic Enigma Sphinx: A mysterious and enigmatic figure with a shadowy past, whose motives align with neither Moros nor The Pursuers of Secrets.

Objective: Take on the role of a government agent tasked with either aiding Moros in escaping the relentless pursuit or assisting The Pursuers of Secrets in capturing him and obtaining his valuable maps.


  • Create a topic in the Tourist Area, where the pursuit of Moros and his maps begins.
  • Choose a side: work alongside Moros to evade his pursuers or join The Pursuers of Secrets in their mission to capture him.
  • Navigate the bustling paradise of the archipelago while uncovering the mysteries and riches hidden in Moros' maps.
  • Confront the relentless bounty hunter Typhoon and decipher the motives of the cryptic enigma Sphinx.
  • Make crucial decisions that will shape the fate of Moros and the hidden treasures.
  • Receive your reward in beli at the end of the voyage.
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