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Sabaody Archipelago - Abyssal Pursuit FDng53T
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"In the depths of the sea, secrets and adversaries lie in wait."

Voyage: Abyssal Pursuit

Rank: A

Type: Government

- Ruthless Fisher Captain Marlin: A cunning and unscrupulous captain of a fishing vessel known for his ruthless methods in capturing exotic and dangerous sea creatures. Marlin's obsession with rare catches drives him to extreme lengths.
- The Treacherous Trawlers: A group of seafarers who operate within the waters of the archipelago, using their expertise to capture and exploit dangerous marine creatures for profit and power.

Background: The Tourist Area of the archipelago is a bustling hub for travelers, filled with shops and eateries. However, beneath the surface, the waters hold dark secrets. Ruthless Fisher Captain Marlin seeks to capture rare and dangerous sea creatures, while The Treacherous Trawlers use their skills to exploit the creatures for their own gain.

- Leviathan Serpent Fang: An ancient and ferocious sea serpent that dwells in the depths of the archipelago's waters, a prized target for Marlin and The Treacherous Trawlers.
- Aquatic Guardian Tidalus: A mystical and enigmatic guardian of the underwater realm, determined to protect the creatures of the sea from exploitation.

Objective: Embark on a perilous fishing expedition to capture or confront the dangerous sea creatures sought after by Captain Marlin and The Treacherous Trawlers, while uncovering the mysteries of the aquatic guardian, Tidalus.


  • Create a topic in the Tourist Area, where the expedition into the archipelago's waters begins.
  • Take on the role of a skilled fisherman, joining Captain Marlin's crew or opposing The Treacherous Trawlers in capturing dangerous sea creatures.
  • Navigate the treacherous waters and face off against the ancient Leviathan Serpent Fang, a prized but perilous target.
  • Unravel the secrets of Aquatic Guardian Tidalus and uncover the guardian's role in protecting the sea creatures.
  • Make critical decisions that will determine the fate of the creatures and the balance of power in the underwater realm.
  • Receive your reward in beli at the end of the voyage.
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