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Sabaody Archipelago - Verdant Vigil FDng53T
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Sabaody Archipelago - Verdant Vigil
Fri Nov 17, 2023 6:32 pm


"In the heart of nature's bounty, secrets of healing await."

Voyage: Verdant Vigil

Rank: B

Type: Government

- Botanical Alchemist Zephyr: A mysterious and eccentric alchemist with an obsession for rare and powerful herbs. Zephyr is known to pursue his botanical interests with little regard for ethical boundaries.
- The Herbal Collectors: A group of individuals who operate discreetly within the confines of Sabaody Park, seeking to gather valuable herbs and plants for their own purposes.

Background: Sabaody Park, known for its dual identity of joy and sorrow, harbors secrets of its own. Botanical Alchemist Zephyr has a hidden agenda to obtain rare herbs rumored to possess incredible healing properties, while The Herbal Collectors operate in secrecy, gathering herbs for their enigmatic goals.

- Herb Hunter Thorn: A rival herb enthusiast who is determined to beat Zephyr in acquiring the rare herbs. Thorn is cunning and resourceful.
- Flora Guardian Lila: An enigmatic figure with a deep connection to the park's flora, guarding the secrets of its most potent herbs.

Objective: Discover and collect rare and powerful herbs within Sabaody Park, navigate the rivalry with Herb Hunter Thorn, and uncover the enigmatic secrets hidden within the park's flora.

  • Create a topic in Sabaody Park, where the search for rare herbs begins.
  • Embark on a quest to locate and collect valuable herbs and plants with potent properties.
  • Engage in a competitive race with Herb Hunter Thorn, who will stop at nothing to obtain the herbs first.
  • Unearth the mysterious connection between Flora Guardian Lila and the park's unique flora.
  • Decide the fate of the collected herbs and their impact on the local wildlife.
  • Receive your reward in beli at the end of the voyage.

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