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Sabaody Archipelago - Revival Renovation FDng53T
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"In the midst of brokenness, there lies the art of restoration."

Voyage: Revival Renovation

Rank: C

Type: Government

- Engineer Rex: A brilliant but morally ambiguous engineer who specializes in rebuilding and modifying technology for various purposes, often without regard for the consequences.
- The Salvage Seekers: A group of individuals who operate in the shadows of The Auctioning District, seeking to repair and repurpose the neglected and discarded remnants of the district's dark history.

Background: The Auctioning District in Sabaody bears the scars of its dark past, with many of its structures and devices falling into disrepair. Engineer Rex has been commissioned to restore certain key components, but his methods and intentions are often shrouded in secrecy. The Salvage Seekers operate in parallel, seeking to repair and repurpose neglected relics for their own purposes.

- Wreckage Warden Wallace: A rival engineer who despises Engineer Rex and seeks to sabotage his repair efforts. He's known for his destructive tendencies.
- Artificer Aria: A mysterious figure who possesses ancient knowledge of the district's auctioned technology and is determined to protect its secrets.

Objective: Repair and renovate key components of The Auctioning District, navigate the rivalry with Wreckage Warden Wallace, and uncover the hidden secrets of the district's technology.

  • Create a topic in The Auctioning District, where the repair efforts begin.
  • Undertake the task of restoring and renovating broken devices and structures within the district.
  • Confront the challenges posed by Wreckage Warden Wallace, who will stop at nothing to hinder your progress.
  • Delve into the secrets of the district's technology and uncover its history.
  • Choose the fate of the repaired components and their impact on the district's future.
  • Receive your reward in beli at the end of the voyage.

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