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Sabaody Archipelago - Gastronomic Rescue FDng53T
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"In the heart of chaos, a single meal can bring hope and unity."

Voyage: Gastronomic Rescue

Rank: D

Type: Government

- Chef Gourmand: A renowned chef with a taste for adventure. He's known for his extravagant culinary creations and has a mysterious past.
- Hungry Gang: A group of food enthusiasts who have been terrorizing the lawless district of 2-29, stealing food from the needy.

Background: In the lawless district of 2-29, the Hungry Gang has been causing havoc by stealing food supplies meant for the impoverished residents. Chef Gourmand seeks to put an end to their culinary crimes and restore the people's hope through his exquisite dishes.

- Greedy Grizzle: The gluttonous leader of the Hungry Gang, who will stop at nothing to satisfy his insatiable appetite.
- Spice Mistress Zara: A cunning and crafty member of the gang, known for her ability to spice up any situation.

Objective: Deliver Chef Gourmand's gourmet meals to the starving residents of 2-29, outwit the Hungry Gang, and ensure the people receive the nourishment they desperately need.

  • Create a topic in the lawless district of 2-29, where the Hungry Gang is causing chaos.
  • Embark on a culinary adventure, navigating through various challenges to reach the hungry residents.
  • Engage in gastronomic battles with members of the Hungry Gang to protect the food supplies.
  • Uncover Chef Gourmand's mysterious past and his connection to the lawless district.
  • Serve up delicious meals to the starving residents, bringing hope and unity to the community.
  • Receive your reward in beli at the end of the voyage.

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