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The Beast of Calamity FDng53T
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The Beast of Calamity
Fri Dec 29, 2023 4:41 pm
Dakka Flanders wrote:

Name: The Beast of Calamity

Handling: Two-Handed

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Limited

Durability: 6x S-rank

Bonus: +60 Strength

Description: A classic-looking hobby horse made from a special kind of wood. It has a blank expression and round eyes, and rope reins. Its mane is carefully carved with detail. It is employed as a fearsome hammer-like weapon against heavy-duty foes and enemies with tough defenses. The weapon appears to possess a living quality as it neighs when used.

Lore: Forged with the hands of madness, the hobby horse was once a mere plaything for a little girl, later turned into a formidable weapon. Crafted out of spite, they say the toymaker used this same weapon to seek vengeance against those he blamed for his daughter's death. No one ever heard about the town ever since, nor the toymaker's formidable weapon. Until now...

  • Averse Prey: Being very heavy, it has a lot of power behind it when it falls down on foes or the ground, and the burst of force that is created when it hits harms anything and anyone within a radius equal to the bearer's rank.

  • Name: Triggerburst
    Rank: C-S rank
    Stamina Cost: 50-500
    Requirements: The Beast of Calamity
    Type: Offensive
    Cooldown: 2-5 posts
    Range: 10-25 Meters
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user extends the weapon, pointing the horse's head toward their target while pressing the trigger, activating and releasing a dark green miasma from the horse's mouth. The actual size of the debilitating mist varies depending on the rank of the user and can be up to a maximum single target attack size for that rank. The toxic miasma deals rank damage when it hits a target and can deal damage for multiple turns as long as the user sustains it. If the user wishes, instead of employing a single stream, they can split the mist up in two or four, and so on, down to a minimum of D-rank damage per stream. They can control the trajectory of the miasma by moving the hilt. After releasing the trigger, the miasma will stop.

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