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V. Crimson Elegance FDng53T
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V. Crimson Elegance
Wed Nov 29, 2023 5:25 am



Name: Crimson Elegance

Handling: Two-Handed

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Limited

Durability: 6x S-rank

Bonus: +250 Strength

Description: Crimson Elegance is a legendary Meito, an ornamental sword from the land of Flevance. Its blade is crafted with exquisite precision, featuring intricate engravings and a crimson hue that shimmers in the light. The hilt is adorned with precious gems, making it not only a powerful weapon but also a symbol of opulence and status.

Lore: Crimson Elegance earned its fame in Flevance, a land plagued by tragedy. Crafted by a renowned swordsmith known as Akira, it was intended as a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. The sword was presented to the ruling family of Flevance, who displayed it as a testament to their power and defiance. As the economy worsened, the Crimson Elegance became and fell into the symbol of rebellion. A group of rebels known as the "Crimson Swords" wielded it in their fight against the oppressive regime. Their courageous efforts, led by a charismatic leader named Elara, inspired the people of Flevance to rise against their oppressors.

  • The Meito possesses immunity to damage up to S-rank.
  • The weapon poisons both the user and opponent for S-rank damage upon dealing damage.

Faction :
Beli :
Rank :
Race :
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Reputation :
Occupation :
Devil Fruit :
Skillset :
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Willpower :
Spirit :
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