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V. Seastone FDng53T
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V. Seastone
Wed Nov 29, 2023 5:03 am


Name: Seastone

Handling: One-Handed

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Unlimited

Durability: 6x S-rank

Bonus: +60 Strength

Lore: Seastone items are a marvel of craftsmanship, originating from the distant land of Wano Country, where the mineral was first discovered. Seastone is renowned for its ability to nullify Devil Fruit abilities, making it a sought-after commodity by both the World Government and pirates alike. The cuffs have become an iconic symbol of power and control, often used to restrain dangerous Devil Fruit users who pose a threat to the world's balance.

  • Only a select few in the Government know how to maintain Seastone, thus remaining affiliated with the Government in some form is required to keep using Seastone.
  • The user must purchase in the order of handcuffs, to ships and jail cells, to a weapon. Respectively, the purchase order is by Government faction level.

  • Seastone applies an S-rank bind to Devil Fruit users on contact.
  • Seastone disables the control and use of Devil Fruit powers upon contact.
  • At faction level 1, Seastone comes in the form of handcuffs. Only one pair of handcuffs can be used to fight at a time (only disabling Devil Fruits when on fully), and it'd require putting them on both of the hands of a target for each pair.
  • At faction level 3, Seastone comes in the form of having access to Seastone jail cells and Seastone ships.
  • At faction level 5, Seastone comes in the form of a weapon. Upon purchasing at faction level 5, the user must select one weapon type for their Seastone.
  • The faction level can be considered 2 levels higher if actively hunting a specific Devil Fruit user, but the temporary purchase won't allow the user to keep using the weapon after the topic.

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