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III. Oceanic Shroud FDng53T
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III. Oceanic Shroud
Wed Nov 29, 2023 2:15 am


Name: Oceanic Shroud

Class: Unique

Quantity: Limited

Durability: 2x S-rank

Bonus: +50 Speed

Description: The Oceanic Shroud is an extraordinary item, a deep blue cloak with a hood adorned with intricate wave patterns. The cloak's fabric appears to ripple like the waters of the Conomi Fishmen's domain, giving it an ethereal and aquatic appearance. When the hood is worn, it conceals the wearer's face, allowing them to move stealthily through various environments, much like a fishman navigating the depths of the sea.

Lore: The legend of the Oceanic Shroud is entwined with the tales of the fearless explorers known as the "Aquatic Pioneers." During one of their expeditions near the Conomi Archipelago, the Aquatic Pioneers stumbled upon a hidden cave system beneath the ocean's surface. Inside, they discovered a long-forgotten sanctuary adorned with ancient murals depicting the harmony between humans and fishmen. At the heart of this sanctuary, they found the Oceanic Shroud, hanging as if awaiting a worthy wearer.

  • Flowing Tides: The user can store endless things under the cloak, as long as the size of the items are smaller than the cloak.

  • Name: Abyssal Drain
    Rank: B-rank
    Stamina Cost: 100
    Requirements: Oceanic Shroud
    Type: Supplementary
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Range: Self
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user can charge for up to 10 posts during a battle. For each post charged, the user steals 5% of their opponent's Strength, Speed, and Constitution stats.

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Skillset :
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