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III. Sakurafurimori FDng53T
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III. Sakurafurimori
Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:14 am


Name: Sakurafurimori

Class: Unique

Quantity: Limited

Stamina: 3000
Strength: 61
Speed: 61
Constitution: 251

Description: Sakurafurimori is a small, enchanting creature with emerald-green fur that resembles a cat. Its jewel-like eyes gleam with an otherworldly brilliance, casting a mesmerizing aura around it. Sakurafurimori has a wavy, ethereal tail that seems to shimmer as it moves, adding to its mystique. This peculiar creature radiates an air of enigma and charm, making it a captivating and elusive companion.

Lore: Sakurafurimori's enigmatic origins are steeped in the legends of the mystical Momoiro Island, a land of pink animals and plants. It was said to have appeared one moonlit night when the island's flora and fauna were bathed in a surreal pink glow, casting an enchanting spell over the entire region. Local inhabitants, known for their colorful customs, took Sakurafurimori as a sign of good fortune and named it "Sakurafurimori," which translates to "Cherry Blossom Guardian."

  • Flora's Blessing: Sakurafurimori's partner can benefit from roll rewards during a topic if used toward a purchase or stamina, with Sakurafurimori acting as a conduit for these resources.

  • Cherry Blossom Aura: Once per week, Sakurafurimori's partner can add +10 to a non-fate roll number, invoking the spirit of the Cherry Blossom Guardian for luck. The new number cannot be 100.

  • Name: Blossom Fury
    Rank: S-rank
    Stamina Cost: 500
    Requirements: Sakurafurimori
    Type: Supplementary
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Range: Self
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Sakurafurimori enters a rabid state. During this time, any stat increases from shop purchases made by Sakurafurimori's partner are applied to Sakurafurimori itself, enhancing its strength, speed, and constitution. Additionally, it receives a S-rank speed self-buff.

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