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V. Alchemist's Elixir FDng53T
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V. Alchemist's Elixir
Wed Nov 29, 2023 12:36 am


Name: Alchemist's Elixir (name purchasing)

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Limited

Stamina: 3000
Strength: 251
Speed: 121
Constitution: 251

Description: The Alchemist's Elixir takes the form of a mysterious liquid confined within a flask with dexterous hands. Its appearance is enigmatic, with the liquid within swirling and shimmering, as if possessing a life of its own.

Lore: In the bustling streets of Water 7, renowned for its advanced technology, the Alchemist's Elixir was discovered by a curious inventor. They stumbled upon an abandoned laboratory hidden deep within the city's labyrinthine alleyways. Inside, they found a flask containing the remarkable substance.

As they experimented with the elixir, they soon realized its incredible potential. The liquid had a thirst for knowledge and experience, making it eager to interact with the world around it. Their crew often found amusement in its insatiable curiosity and fondness for tasting different liquids.

  • Liquid Scholar: The Alchemist's Elixir's partner can buy miscellaneous and point purchases during a topic and use them in the same topic, mirroring the elixir's thirst for knowledge and experience.

  • Name: Elixir Boost
    Rank: S-rank
    Stamina Cost: 500
    Requirements: Alchemist's Elixir
    Type: Supplementary
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Range: Topic
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The Alchemist's Elixir spits a portion of itself toward an ally, increasing their statistics by an amount equal to the miscellaneous and point purchases it's partner used during the current topic. This boost lasts for the duration of the topic.

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