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III. Den Den Mushi FDng53T
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III. Den Den Mushi
Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:28 pm


Name: Den Den Mushi

Handling: One-Handed

Class: Unique

Quantity: Unlimited

Durability: 2x S-rank

Description: The Den Den Mushi is a rare and peculiar telepathic snail used for long-distance communication. It is roughly the size of a regular house cat, with a distinctive shell that houses its dialing mechanism and receiver.

Lore: The first Den Den Mushi was discovered by a group of explorers in the treacherous waters of the Grand Line near Reverse Mountain. It was found living on a small, isolated island with unique electromagnetic properties that allowed it to communicate with other Den Den Mushi across vast distances. Recognizing the potential of this remarkable creature, the explorers brought it back to civilization, and soon, the use of Den Den Mushi became widespread among pirates, marines, and adventurers as a means of staying connected across the expansive and perilous seas.

  • Den Den Mushi have no inherent downsides, but their effectiveness relies on the availability of other Den Den Mushi for communication.

  • Telepathic Communication: The user can use the Den Den Mushi to communicate with their allies across any distance. Allies can use their own Den Den Mushi to establish telepathic links with the owner of this item, allowing them to initiate talks. The main user's communication is secure and can be encrypted to prevent interception.
  • Intercept Detection (Government Only): If the user is affiliated with the Government, they have the ability to use their Den Den Mushi to detect and monitor other people's communications. This skill allows them to intercept and eavesdrop on conversations, providing valuable intelligence.

Faction :
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Skillset :
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