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Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:52 am


Name: Bara Bara no Mi
Description: The Bara Bara no Mi is a fascinating Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants its user the extraordinary ability to disassemble their own body into separate pieces and manipulate these pieces telekinetically. This remarkable fruit also bestows upon its user immunity to slashing attacks, rendering them a Splitting Human.

  • Like all Devil Fruit users, the user becomes completely immobile when submerged underwater, and even being partially submerged removes all control over their passives and powers.
  • The user's split body pieces can only be controlled as long as they remain within the topic.
  • To keep their split pieces levitating, the user's feet must remain in contact with a surface or the ground.

  • Telekinetic Body Manipulation: The user can effortlessly split up their body parts and move them telekinetically, allowing for incredible versatility in combat and mobility.
  • Slashing Immunity: The user is completely immune to piercing blades and slashing attacks, even if these cutting attacks are imbued with Haki. This immunity extends to blades and blade-based skills, even if used with the blunt side, ensuring the user remains unharmed.

  • Name: Weightless Manipulation
    Rank: S-rank
    Stamina Cost: 500
    Requirements: Bara Bara no Mi
    Type: Supplementary
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Range: Self
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: With this remarkable skill, the user gains the ability to carry objects or individuals in mid-air without being burdened by their weight. By manipulating their split body parts, they can create a telekinetic field that holds objects or people aloft, allowing for effortless transportation and manipulation.

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