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Carnivore Carnivore Model: Choice (5,000,000B) FDng53T
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Name: Carnivore Carnivore Model: Choice
Description: The Carnivore Carnivore Model: Choice is an extraordinary Devil Fruit that grants its user the remarkable ability to select and transform into any carnivorous animal of their preference. This unique fruit bestows its possessor with the power to become a fearsome predator, adopting the traits and prowess of their chosen creature.

  • Despite its formidable abilities, the user shares the common weakness of Devil Fruit users, rendering them immobile when submerged underwater. Even partial submersion deprives them of control over their passives and powers.

  • In addition to their intrinsic powers, the user gains a self-buff of their choice and can use the transformation once per topic without paying any costs.
  • The user can create an extra B-rank skill related to their Zoan.

  • Name: Predatory Transformation
    Rank: S-rank
    Stamina Cost: 500
    Requirements: Carnivore Carnivore Model: Choice
    Type: Offensive and Supplementary
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Range: Self
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user invokes the Carnivore Carnivore Model: Choice, allowing them to undergo a half-hybrid or full transformation while sustaining the form. This transformation empowers the user with a cascade of abilities:

      - Healing: The user heals at an impressive S-rank rate per post, rapidly recovering from injuries and restoring vitality.
      - Self-Buff: The user receives an S-rank enhancement to all of their stats.
      - Fatal Strike: If the user's damage exceeds the target's remaining Constitution, their physical attacks pierce through obstacles and defenses, potentially inflicting fatal injuries.

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