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Mon Nov 20, 2023 9:25 pm


Artist Occupation

🎨 Role: Artists come in various forms, from Shipwrights crafting majestic vessels to Scientists unraveling the mysteries of the sea. Regardless of their specialization, all Artists are bound by their passion for creation and innovation. They are the visionaries, the inventors, and the craftsmen of the high seas. Artists bring life to the crew's dreams, turning imagination into tangible reality. Their talents are as diverse as the crew members they serve, and their contributions extend far beyond aesthetics. They are the ones who design and build the ships that carry crews to new horizons, develop advanced weaponry, and uncover the secrets of the Grand Line. Artists are the architects of adventure, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

🎭 Ability:

- Specialized Item Ownership: Artists must specialize in one type of item, whether it's a ship, a weapon, a device, or any other creation. Once per month, they can choose an item they've made in the Customization Forum to be exclusively theirs first.

- Additional Effect and Weakness: For each item they create, Artists can add an additional effect that acts as a weakness, but only they can exploit it. This reflects their deep understanding of their own creations, allowing them to turn the tide of battle or overcome challenges with their ingenuity given to others.

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