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Pirate Crews
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Pirate Faction Rules

The Pirate Code
🏴☠ Universal symbol: Jolly Roger, the skull-and-crossbones flag symbolizing defiance and intimidation.
🏴☠ Pirates are often seen as greedy and violent, feared by civilians and the establishment.

Pirate Archetypes
🏴☠ The 'Classic' Pirate: Embodies the feared stereotype of piracy.
🏴☠ The Adventurer: Pursues a life at sea for exploration and dream chasing.

Territorial Influence
🏴☠ A pirate's power is often measured by the territories they control, from islands to entire regions.

Progression and Rank
🏴☠ Level 1: 25 posts - Apprentice. Gains Nakama, race, or Yonko relation bonus.
🏴☠ Level 2: 50 posts - Officer. Commands respect and authority.
🏴☠ Level 3: 100 posts - Official crew leader. More Nakama, race, or Yonko relation bonus.
🏴☠ Level 4: 150 posts - Chief of Staff or Firstmate. A trusted lieutenant.
🏴☠ Level 5: 250 posts - Supernova. Renowned and feared across the seas. Additional Nakama, race, or Yonko relation bonus.

NPC Interactions
🏴☠ NPCs above standard Supernova level are out of reach for regular interaction, reserved for plot events.
🏴☠ Normal NPC Supernova possess enigmatic Haki abilities and lack Advanced versions or Devil Fruit Awakenings.

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