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World Government FDng53T
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World Government
Mon Nov 20, 2023 7:18 pm



World Government Faction Rules

🏴☠ Affiliated with ~170 nations, founded by 20 kingdoms 800 years ago.
🏴☠ Member nations maintain autonomy but align with the World Government for international affairs.
🏴☠ Political ideals are enigmatic; their actions are absolute.

Military & Intelligence
🏴☠ Marines act as the official military, led by the Fleet Admiral.
🏴☠ Cipher Pol serves as the covert operative wing, engaging in espionage and enforcement.

Perception & Reality
🏴☠ Often viewed as corrupt, imposing absolute justice and censoring history.
🏴☠ Upholds international order, claiming to safeguard global well-being.

Power & Authority
🏴☠ Holds indisputable control over international political actions.
🏴☠ Possesses the means to manipulate, suppress, or reveal information at will.
🏴☠ Can devastate nations shielding criminals; key to world stability.

Progression System
🏴☠ Level 1: 25 posts - From recruit to officer. Eligible for rokushiki or seastone enhancement.
🏴☠ Level 2: 50 posts - Promotions from ensign to lieutenant.
🏴☠ Level 3: 100 posts - Authority to name a crew or unit. Official cipher pol to captain rank. Eligible for another rokushiki or seastone enhancement.
🏴☠ Level 4: 150 posts - Advancement to rear-admiral.
🏴☠ Level 5: 250 posts - Attain a special position, vice-admiral, or CP9. Further rokushiki or seastone enhancement available.

🏴☠ NPCs above Vice-Admiral are beyond reach outside of plot-driven events.
🏴☠ Vice-Admiral NPCs possess formidable Haki, but lack Advanced versions or Devil Fruit Awakenings.

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Skillset :
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Constitution :
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