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The Timeline FDng53T
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The Timeline
Mon Nov 20, 2023 6:39 pm


One Piece: Alternate Universe Timeline

Year 0: Pirate King's Legacy
🏴☠ Gol D. Roger proclaimed Pirate King; ignites the era of piracy.
🏴☠ Myths of One Piece encourage a new wave of pirates.

Years 1-5: New Horizons
🏴☠ World Government faces economic turmoil; Beli devalues.
🏴☠ Technological advancements revolutionize navigation.

Years 6-10: Rising Tides
🏴☠ Discovery of new Devil Fruits; a scientific consortium documents their powers.
🏴☠ The Four Blues witness the emergence of ambitious pirates and hunters.

Years 11-15: The Call of the Grand Line
🏴☠ Grand Line's allure pulls numerous pirates to its treacherous waters.
🏴☠ A surge in scientific knowledge leads to practical innovations.

Years 16-20: Era of Upheaval
🏴☠ Shifts in power dynamics due to new, potent Devil Fruits.
🏴☠ Re-population of Grand Line islands with unique inhabitants.

Years 21-22: Precarious Equilibrium
🏴☠ A delicate balance as forces vie for control.
🏴☠ Explorers venture into uncharted Grand Line territories, driven by scientific curiosity.

Year 23: New Crews Embark
🏴☠ Audacious crews, reminiscent of the Straw Hats, begins their journeys on to similar situated islands.
🏴☠ The seas become a stage for new tales of conflict and friendship.

Year 24-Current: The Adventure Continues
🏴☠ The new crew's saga unfolds with fresh encounters and challenges.
🏴☠ Trade and bartering prevail due to Beli's scarcity, creating a unique economic landscape.

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