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4.d. Turf Guide FDng53T
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4.d. Turf Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:48 pm


The Turf Guide

Controlling Locations
Faction crews must secure a majority of territories within a sub-forum. Include the [Turf] tag in your posts, open for 48 hours, to allow members to join and submit to the Turf Review.

Unclaimed Territories
Submit a Turf application for staff to create a scenario. The crew may initially take over 5 locations per month. Once secured, territories remain under control for the month.

Monthly Contests
Opposing crews may challenge territories once a month. The timer resets monthly.

Knockout Rule
If knocked out during a Turf attempt, members cannot contest territories for the remainder of the month.

Turf Rewards
A successful attempt yields 50,000 beli, 200 infamy or fame, and 5,000 experience.

Combat Rewards
Fights during territory contests can be claimed for additional rewards.

Monthly Perks
Control over the majority of your crew's territory grants monthly rewards and an island-based perk. Full Sea control adds a Sea bonus.

Activity Requirement
Active participation and a minimum Level 1 in the Faction are required for rewards.

Same faction crews can form alliances for joint control. Announce alliances publicly and document the terms.

Island Control Bonuses
Majority control over islands grants bonuses based on the islands type - Military, Merchant, or Industrial.

Majority of Locations 150,000J and 1x Power Level
Majority of Sea 200,000J and 2x Power Level

🏴☠ Military: Purchase clothing at a 20% discount.
🏴☠ Merchant: Earn an extra 50% beli reward on turfs.
🏴☠ Industrial: Buy weapons at a 20% discount.

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Skillset :
Strength :
Speed :
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