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4.c. Fate Guide FDng53T
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4.c. Fate Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:47 pm


Fate System Guide


• The Fate System allows users to receive a unique aura for their character.
• Once their character is approved, users can roll for a Fate.

Fate Acquisition

• Fates are divided into different rarities, each with its own acquisition percentage.
• To receive a Fate, users must visit the Fate Rolls topic.
• Choose the Dice 100 and post.  
Tip: You can use "Dice Roll" (WITH the quotation marks) if you wish to use the quick reply box.
Roll Picture:
• Upon rolling, users will be assigned a fate based on their roll.
• They must then complete the requirements associated with their fate to unlock its aura.

Unlocking the Aura

• After fulfilling the fate's requirements, users must enter the Fate Review topic in the Review section for their Fate to be reviewed.
• Upon approval, the user will receive the aura in their profile and gain the benefits listed in the fate's effect section.


• Users have the option to reroll if they desire a different fate.
• If a user wishes to reroll, they are not obligated to complete the requirements of the previous fate.
• Users can reroll once per month for free in the fate topic, provided they have completed the previous month's activity check.
• Alternatively, users can submit a voyage of their rank completed within the month to qualify for rerolling.
• Each subsequent reroll, up to five times per month, requires a beli payment in addition to submitting the voyage.
• For D-C characters, the payment is 100,000 beli; for B-A characters, it is 250,000 beli; and for S-rank or higher characters, it is 500,000 beli.
• S-rank characters can use two A-rank voyage to meet the rerolling requirement after submitting two S-rank voyage that month.
• The reroll requirement resets each month, allowing users to reroll freely again and subsequently by submitting voyage and paying the fee.

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