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4.a. Reputation Guide FDng53T
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4.a. Reputation Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:47 pm



• Reputation is the combination of Fame and Infamy. For example, if a character has 3,000 Fame and 2,000 Infamy, their Reputation would be 5,000.

• Fame and Infamy are earned by characters through combat, voyage completion, and participation in certain events.

• A higher reputation indicates that the public is more aware of your character and their actions.

• Bounties are only used as a reward mechanic in Voyages. It is generally regarded that the higher reputation has the higher bounty. In the case of equivalent or reputation at 25,000+, the more dangerous person has a higher bounty. At 25,000+, bounties are numerically discussed between those that have them.


• 2,500+ Reputation: Your character has achieved significant feats that have caught the attention of the public within the vast seas. While their true identity remains shrouded in mystery, whispers of their deeds start to circulate among pirate crews and marine forces alike. If your character has also reached B-rank, they can choose a fitting epithet to be associated with their name.

• 5,000+ Reputation: Your character has crossed the threshold of anonymity and entered the realm of notoriety. From bustling port towns to remote islands, people can no longer ignore your presence. Whispers of your exploits and fearsome reputation make them hesitant to cross your path, for they know the consequences of incurring your wrath. While your name is not yet widely known, your face becomes familiar to those who recognize the symbols of your pirate crew or marine affiliation.

• 10,000+ Reputation: Your character has cemented their place as a force to be reckoned with in the treacherous world of pirates and marines. Their reputation has spread far and wide, and their name echoes across the seas. Countless individuals aspire to meet you in person or catch a glimpse of your formidable presence. The mere sight of your face and the symbols adorning your pirate flag or marine insignia strikes fear or admiration in the hearts of those who recognize them. Your unique fighting style, be it the mastery of devil fruit powers or exceptional skill with a specific weapon, becomes synonymous with your name.

• 20,000+ Reputation: Your character's extraordinary feats and notorious reputation have elevated them to the status of a legendary figure in the world of One Piece. Admirers swarm around you, seeking autographs and tales of your adventures, while others keep their distance, wary of the chaos and mayhem you may bring. Your name is known far and wide, transcending the borders of the Grand Line. Invitations to prestigious pirate gatherings and marine events become a common occurrence, where you can bask in the limelight or sow discord with your presence. The public is well aware of your unique devil fruit abilities, the name of your powerful technique, your signature weapon, and your distinct pirate crew or marine unit.

• 40,000+ Reputation: Your character has ascended to the realm of legends, becoming a symbol of either hope or despair in the vast seas of One Piece. Perhaps you single-handedly thwarted a menacing Yonko's plans or left a trail of destruction and chaos in your wake. Your reputation transcends the boundaries of the Four Blues, and people from all corners of the world recognize your name. At this stage, skilled bounty hunters and determined marines, armed with extensive knowledge about you, relentlessly pursue you. The public possesses intricate details about your abilities, including your devil fruit powers, your devastating combat techniques, your political stances, romantic alliances, loyal friendships, influential connections, and sworn enemies.


• There are limited methods to temporarily conceal a character's reputation, but these are temporary measures. Eventually, members may become recognizable with a different appearance or when using a mask.

• Using a Face Doctor purchased from the shop can temporarily conceal your character's reputation for one month, as long as their true identity is not revealed through any means.

• The same temporary concealment applies when changing races to Multiracial, as long as it involves a change in face claims. However, this does not negate reputation effects or the accumulation of bounties.

• Abilities based on illusions, such as the one found in certain devil fruits, can be used to hide a character's reputation by concealing their overall appearance. This effect only remains as long as the character's identity is not revealed to others present in the roleplay.

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