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3.c. Combat Guide FDng53T
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3.c. Combat Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:46 pm



Fair Play and Character Development:
• Fair play and logical reasoning are essential in battles.
• Characters can get tired during battles, and defeat is part of character development.

Updating Character Sheet and Equipment Information:
• Users with supernatural skills should update their sheet to include approved skills.
• Equipment information is optional in the user's sheet and can be displayed in their profile.

Including Relevant Information in Posts:
• Users must include relevant character details in fight posts, such as attributes, stamina, equipment, mascots, etc.
• Skills used must be linked or copied entirely into the post.

Multiple Fights and Fight Claims:
• Users can participate in multiple fights but must fight different characters.
• Fights against the same character can be claimed once per month.

Reward Eligibility for Quest Fights:
• Fights within normal voyages and events may not be submitted for rewards unless specified.
• Fight eligibility is at the discretion of moderators to prevent potential abuse.


Green Danger:
• Most topics on the forum are considered green, where death is not possible.
• Characters pass out when their stamina is depleted, and injuries are temporary.
• Specific disabling injuries may persist until leaving the topic.

Red Danger:
• Red topics have any consequences possible besides stealing, (or any form of robbery), and characters may die from injuries and depleted stamina.
• Capture places XP into a NPC or new char, you can attempt rescue but they'll lose the extra XP.
• Life-threatening situations, like getting stabbed in the heart, can result in death.
• Some plot topics may have red danger, indicated by the topic icon.


Invading Topics:
• Users can invade another user's topic once per month.
• The invader must be present in the same sea as the topic before it was created.
• Government, pirate, or neutral voyages cannot be invaded, except for grand voyages under reasonable circumstances.


Post Editing and Calling Hits:
• Users may not edit their fight post without permission from all participating parties.
• Calling hits should be done after the opponent has responded to the action.

Reply Time and Skipped Turns:
• Users have 48 hours to reply in a fight topic before their turn is skipped.
• Skipping allows opponents to connect their prior actions against the non-responsive user.

Battle Topics with Five Participants:
• With five participants, staff decides the reply time.


Fighting for Rewards:
• Users can fight each other for rewards, with S, X, and Z-rank treated as S-rank.
• Fight rewards are based on voyage rewards equivalent to the lowest-ranking participant's rank.

Reward Calculation:
• Rewards are based on the rank of the lowest-ranking member, with 50% extra experience for all participants.
• If there is a rank difference, rewards are based on 1 rank higher than the lowest-ranking member.
• The winner receives beli rewards equal to the base voyage rewards, plus modifiers.

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Constitution :
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Spirit :
Stamina :
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