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2.a. Equipment Guide FDng53T
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2.a. Equipment Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:40 pm



Each character has the following slots: Devil Fruit, Weapon, Clothing, Tools, Mascot, and other special slots. These slots can be usually filled with a single item. Upon purchasing, the item will be added to your profile, and clicking on it will result in getting directed to the shop entry to prove it and of course to make it easier for us all to see what someone is wielding.

Equipment is separated into three categories: Unlimited, Limited, and Custom.

🏴☠ Unlimited pieces can be purchased multiple times, are cheaper, but offer few perks.

🏴☠ Limited pieces can only be purchased a certain amount of times depending on their rarity, are typically more expensive, and have unique perks.

It is typically not allowed to wield the same limited item more than once despite its availability.

The general shop forum is where the user may make their purchases.

Rarity Prices
🏴☠ Unique 1,000,000 beli
🏴☠ Legendary 2,500,000 beli
🏴☠ Mythic 5,000,000 beli

Unlimited equipment from the shop costs 50% less than the listed price. The reduction does not stack with any other discount.

The shop has a capped discount of 50%.

Limited items can be held by multiple people depending on their rarity as follows: Unique (4), Legendary (3), and Mythic (1).

In case the user has items that they no longer wish to use, they can refund or resell that item depending on the circumstances.

Reselling and Refunding can be requested in the Resell & Refund review.

The user must state which item that they wish to refund or resell. A moderator will remove the item from the profile, post a stamp confirming the resell or refunding of the item.

Purchases from the Point Shop cannot be refunded or resold.

In the event that an item is adjusted, members may apply for a complete refund equal to the amount they purchased it for.

Users never get more than what they paid for an item. This means that if it was purchased at a discount because of an event, it will be 50% of the discounted price.

The durability of an item is reduced when attacks are applied to it. The damage can be from the user's own or another individual's physical attacks or skills, this excludes skills from the item itself.

Items do not need to be repaired between topics. Even upon complete destruction in one topic, the item is restored and repaired for use in another topic.

Two-handed weapons can be wielded in one hand if the user's base Strength is at a certain minimum. The required Strength is different based on the rarity of the weapon and are as follows:

🏴☠ Rarity Minimum Base Strength
🏴☠ Unique 120
🏴☠ Legendary 250
🏴☠ Mythic 500

The damage mentioned on a Weapon is added to the user's strength when dealing damage using the weapon. Any attribute boosts mentioned in the bonus section of an item affect the user's overall attributes.

In the event that the user drops or breaks their equipment in roleplay, any skills attached to the equipment that was being sustained will be canceled, and all previously used skills that have gone into cooldown will still remain in cooldown.

Weapons cannot be used to block any skill, Shields meanwhile are capable of stopping single target skills causing the skills to apply the effect on the shield if applicable.

When using weapons to block other weapons, they will both receive the damage equal to the attack.

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